Steelhead Fishing

Steelhead Fishing

steelhead fishing oregon

Steelhead have been called the ultimate game fish. These elusive and challenging fish can test an angler’s patience and persistence, but the reward is hooking into a fish that is famous worldwide for its line-peeling runs and spectacular, acrobatic fight.

For the Oregon angler, there’s an opportunity to fish for steelhead almost every day of the year – from the frigidly cold waters of a north coast stream in January to a sun-baked desert river in central.
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Cleaning, freezing and cooking steelhead:
Not only are steelhead challenging and hard-fighting, they are good eating too. In fact, many aficionados prefer fresh steelhead to salmon. There are many ways and hundreds of recipes to prepare fresh steelhead – baked, grilled or smoked; sweet, salty or spicy.
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License requirements:

In addition to a fishing license, steelhead anglers need to purchase a Combined Angling Tag (steelhead, salmon, sturgeon and Pacific halibut). Anglers also can purchase Hatchery Harvest Tags that authorize the harvest of additional hatchery fish.

Where do I buy a Combined Angling Tag or Punch card/Report card?
 You can buy them at any store that sells fishing licenses. Combined Angling Tag is the proper term for Oregon and Punch card/Report card for California.


Visit these websites for more information per state:

California Department of Fish and Wildlife >>> click here

Oregon Department of Wildlife>>> click here