California Fishing

Northern California Coastal River Fishing

James Keeling offers guided fishing trips on the Northern California coastal Klamath & Smith rivers.  For more information scroll down.


klamath california river fishing trip


Klamath River in Klamath, Ca

  • Summer Steelhead
  • Winter Steelhead
  • Fall & Spring Salmon

    The Klamath River's outstandingly remarkable value is its anadromous fishery, featuring salmon and steelhead trout. The river supports several anadromous species during most of their in-river life stages. Species include Chinook salmon (spring- and fall-runs), coho salmon, steelhead trout (summer- and winter-runs), coastal cutthroat trout, green and white sturgeon and Pacific lamprey. The evolutionarily significant unit of coho salmon, the Southern Oregon/Northern California Coast coho, is federally listed as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act. The Klamath River is designated critical habitat. The anadromous fishery supports the river's sport fishing guide and resort industry, Native American subsistence and ceremonial culture and the ocean commercial and sport fishing industry.


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smith river california river fishing trip


Smith River in Crescent City & Hiochi, Ca.

  • Late Fall Salmon
  • Winter Steelhead

    Smith River has California's largest salmon and record-size steelhead. Smith River (formerly, Smith River Corners, Smith's River Valley, Smiths River, and Smith's River) is a census-designated place in Del Norte County, California, United States. It is located 12 miles (19 km) north-northeast of Crescent City, 3 miles (4.8 km) east of the mouth of the Smith River, at an elevation of 52 feet (16 m).
    More than 300 miles of the Smith River System are designated wild and scenic, making it one of the longest rivers in the National System. The emerald-green Smith River flows freely and naturally, without a single dam for its entire length. It is the only major system in California to do so.

    The Smith River National Recreation Area (NRA) is located in the northwest corner of California and is managed by the Six Rivers National Forest. The NRA was created to protect the area's special scenic value, natural diversity, cultural and historical attributes, wilderness, wildlife, fisheries and the Smith River watershed's clean waters.


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